Why I Started A Blog

Bouquet of Flowers

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a long time. It all began after I started my internship at Bloglovin’ as a blogger relationship associate in January 2015. Before that, I followed fashion bloggers on Instagram but never really consistently read blogs. Being on the community team at Bloglovin’ exposed me to some amazing blogs and I started reading tons of beauty and business blogs pretty religiously. I finally made the jump from blog reader to writer and here is why:

1 To document my life and experiences in the city. What we post online is like a snapshot of what life was like at that time. I just turned 20 today! There is no better opportunity than the start of my twenty-somethings to chronicle my journey through college, my first job and beyond. I think it would be so fun to look back in a couple years and see how much things have changed or stayed the same.

2 To hold myself accountable to goals. I want to grow my business, eat healthier, exercise more and think more positively. Writing and publishing my goals will help keep me in check and make sure I stick to it!

3 To share my discoveries and experiences with others. I’ve accumulated so many beauty products over the course of this year and it would be a great way to share what I tried and loved (or hated) and also a great way to share the lessons I’ve learned as a small business owner, during my attempts to train for a triathlon and so on.

Overall, it’s just a way for me to write about my life right now as a college student navigating NYC. Welcome to my blog!