How I Started Jezie Jewelry

I started Jezie Jewelry during my sophomore year of high school, right after my 15th birthday. It began with a lightning bolt, both figuratively and literally. Literally, it was a lightning bolt necklace I made out of polymer clay to wear to the midnight viewing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. But figuratively, it was the spark that turned my love for arts & crafts from a hobby to a business.


I always was (and still am) a huge Harry Potter nerd. My friend Karen took some pictures of the lightning bolt necklace and I put them on my Tumblr at the time. To my surprise, people actually messaged me asking if they could buy the necklace! So, I opened a little online store with only 5 products, promoted the store through social media like Tumblr and Instagram and it grew from there.

maryam mustache necklace  deathly hallows customer pic

Some of my first few customer pictures! (Thanks Maryam, haha.)


Picture from May 2012: Packaging orders, back when I still made everything out of polymer clay.

fab sale

Picture from 2013: Made 200 vial necklaces in three days for a sale I did back in the day on Fab.

pocket watches

Picture from 2013: Introduced pocket watch necklaces.


Picture from 2014: The first few crystal necklaces that were uploaded to the site.


Just added molecule necklaces and rings to the website this summer.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.50.05 PM

Sold my 200th Gold Dipped Geode Slice Necklace last weekend!


   Jezie Jewelry Orders

Order pictures throughout the years and hopefully something that will continue for years to come.