My First Day Of Summer 2016

Byredo, Credo Beauty and Le Labo Samples

I can’t believe I’ve already been on summer break for a week! So glad to be a senior now and have survived the most stressful and challenging year of college yet. My first official day of summer break was Saturday, May 14th and because it was filled with really fun activities, I thought it deserved its own blog post. 

Aqua Studio - Underwater Spin Class, Bicycle Class, Spin Class In A Pool, Classpass

I signed up for an early morning underwater cycling class to kick off my first day of summer. Classpass was having this special promotion where it was only $19 for 5 classes, which is an amazing deal These fitness classes are usually at least $30 each and with Classpass they would be less than $4 each!! Essentially, the class I took was a spin class that took place in the pool. It’s low impact but high resistance so it’s great for people with injuries who are still looking to exercise. Definitely a really unique experience and a class I’m glad I tried.

Byredo New York City Store Location Bags Handbags, Byredo Handbag, Byredo Perfume,Byredo New York City Store Location Bags Handbags, Byredo Handbag, Byredo Perfume,

A few weeks ago, Kim Johnson, the Community Manager of Glossier, reached out to me and invited me to join a Glossier community group. I was super excited because as you guys probably know, I am obsessed with Glossier. One of the girls in the group, Lissie, organized this amazing Byredo x Glossier event at the Byredo store in SoHo.

Byredo Perfume Samples, Gypsy Water, Rose of No Man's Land, Black Saffron Sample,

 I brought my friend Arlina and we had a great time smelling all the different perfumes and taking home samples! Byredo packaging is always amazing. Gypsy Water seems to be a cult favorite but I think that Rose Of No Man’s Land is my favorite.

Kjaer Weis at Credo Beauty, First Day of Summer 2016, Foundation, Makeup, Skincare

Afterwards, Arlina and I went to get dim sum in Chinatown with friends. After dim sum we stopped by the newly opened Credo Beauty. Credo is kind of like Sephora but with natural brands. I’ve been getting more into natural beauty brands lately because I’ve been realizing how many harmful ingredients are in our every-day products!! It’s crazy.

Samples from Credo Beauty, Herbivore Botanicals Tansy Face Mask, Herbivore Botanicals Sample, African Botanics Sample, African Botanics Enzyme Polish, Indie Lee Cleanser, Indie Lee SampleSamples from Credo Beauty, Herbivore Botanicals Tansy Face Mask, Herbivore Botanicals Sample, African Botanics Sample, African Botanics Enzyme Polish, Indie Lee Cleanser, Indie Lee Sample

I picked up samples of the Herbivore Botanical Tansy Face Mask, African Botanics Marula Buchu Botanical Enzyme Polish and the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser.

Credo Beauty NYC, Sunscreen, Non-Toxic Sunscreen, Safe Sunscreen, NYC, New York City, Credo Beauty NYC

Arlina and I both ended up buying Suntegrity sunscreen which uses zinc-oxide to block UV rays instead of harmful nano particles and chemical UV absorbers. It’ll be perfect to use during my trip to Miami on Monday! Arlina is obsessed with protecting her skin from the sun so the first thing she did after she bought the sunscreen was find a bench so she could put on her sunscreen.

Le Labo, Le Labo NYC

The street that Credo Beauty was on ended up being lined with different beauty brands. We stopped by Le Labo to check out their perfumes as well. I’m obsessed with Le Labo’s packaging and how they make all the perfumes in the store for optimal freshness.

Aesop Skincare NYC, Tulips, Flowers, New York City, Summer 2016

Aesop was also on the same street so we popped in there as well. Arlina picked up some samples and I admired their cute tulip store decor. You can read my Aesop University Place store tour post here and tips on how to get free Aesop samples here.

Secret Tea Shop in NYC, Tea, New York City, Summer 2016

While we were walking down that street, we passed by a secret tea shop. It’s hidden from view and at the back of the building. We took a break and drank a tea called Four Seasons Spring. Tea is probably my second favorite beverage after water.

Peacefood Cafe

After stopping for tea, we visited stores to collect materials for a new beauty project we are working on that is still under wraps. It started raining so we stopped by Peacefood Cafe for dinner. Peacefood Cafe is one of my favorite vegan restaurants because the food tastes so good. I love their soy nuggets and their Shanghai style pan-seared dumplings. I get it every single time. Their chocolate chip cookies are also amazing! I ordered one with my meal because I like to eat dessert at the same time as my dinner.

We spent the rest of the day experimenting and mixing ingredients to test out different beauty products we are making. I can’t wait to see what the rest of summer has in store. I’m a little nervous but also excited for my internship to start. I’ll be a marketing intern at Origins at the Estee Lauder Companies! This summer, I hope to work on my various entrepreneurial projects, improve my health and fitness and post more on my blog.


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