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Spindrift Sparkling Water

I know people usually head over to the Hamptons for the summer but I actually love summer in New York City! The weather is always perfect and sunny so I thought it would be the perfect setting for a weekend get-together with friends.  I hosted a little brunch last week on my apartment balcony and had friends over for food and drinks. Read more below for some tips on hosting a brunch at home! View Post


Moleskine Planner, On My Desk

(This image is from my sponsored Instagram post with Moleskine!
I talked about my desk essentials –  you can find the post here.)

I’m trying a new thing where I’m going to set monthly personal, wellness, business + blog goals. I did a couple month/season focused bucket lists in the past but want to have something more actionable in order to hold myself accountable.

July was all about adjusting and settling in. I just graduated, moved into my new apartment and started my first adult job. There’s been a lot of change! For me, August is all about action. Read more for my goals: View Post


New York City, NYC

To be honest, I haven’t been on Tumblr in ages but somehow ended up scrolling through my dashboard a few days ago. I stumbled upon a screenshot of a tweet that read: “remember when you wanted what you currently have.”
I guess that post really resonated with me because my friend Matt and I were just talking about the topic that same day – how we’re living the lives we used to dream about but always make bigger milestones to reach. Never satisfied or content and always wanting more…more…more.

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Inside The Wing, NYC's Women-Only Social Club and Co-working Space, The Wing, The Wing New York, The Wing Social Club, The Wing Women's Club, The Wing Coworking Space

This weekend, I had the pleasure of taking a look inside The Wing, a new women’s-only workspace and social club in New York City. Miran generously decided to host a Glossier rep meet-up in this beautiful space! Read more for a tour inside The Wing and a look into the amazing goodie bag filled with beauty products we received. View Post