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To be honest, I haven’t been on Tumblr in ages but somehow ended up scrolling through my dashboard a few days ago. I stumbled upon a screenshot of a tweet that read: “remember when you wanted what you currently have.”
I guess that post really resonated with me because my friend Matt and I were just talking about the topic that same day – how we’re living the lives we used to dream about but always make bigger milestones to reach. Never satisfied or content and always wanting more…more…more.

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Glossier Rep Trip, Gloffice, Glossier Office, Glossier Headquarters

Almost a month ago, a bunch of the Glossier reps were treated to a trip to NYC to hang out with the Glossier team. I wrote about how cute the hotel we stayed at was in my Staycation Post but thought I would do a little diary series about how we spent the two days. Read more below! View Post


Glossier Rep Trip at The William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn, New York, Glossier Quarterly Rep Trip in NYC, Glossier Rep, Glossier Brand Rep, Glossier, William Vale Hotel, Glossier Rep Trip

A few days ago, a bunch of the top Glossier reps were treated to a trip to NYC to hang out with the Glossier team! I already live in NYC so it was more of a staycation for me. We stayed at The William Vale in Brooklyn, but it was decorated into the cutest Glossier hotel room. Read more to see all the pics! View Post