August Goals


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August Goals


Blogging, Business, Life, List

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Moleskine Planner, On My Desk

(This image is from my sponsored Instagram post with Moleskine!
I talked about my desk essentials –  you can find the post here.)

I’m trying a new thing where I’m going to set monthly personal, wellness, business + blog goals. I did a couple month/season focused bucket lists in the past but want to have something more actionable in order to hold myself accountable.

July was all about adjusting and settling in. I just graduated, moved into my new apartment and started my first adult job. There’s been a lot of change! For me, August is all about action. Read more for my goals:


1. Organize and settle into my apartment.
I started living in my new apartment in July and I feel like I’m still in the process of organizing everything and setting it up. In the month of August, I want to organize all of my beauty cabinets and get a good desk set up going. My furniture has already been assembled but I want to make it a goal to decorate my walls and make it feel more lived in.

2. Clean out my photos.
My laptop and phone are both running out of storage because I have too many photos!!! This month, I plan on deleting the ones I don’t need and backing up + categorizing the pictures that are worth keeping.

3. Get a hair cut.
I bleached/dyed my hair a couple of years ago and my hair feels really dry at the ends. I’m ready for a change. I’m kind of playing with the idea of getting a long bob like Vanessa Hudgens! I’ve been saying I want a hair cut forever so this month I’m putting it on my list to actually go and get one.


1. Do yoga five times a week.
I have pretty bad scoliosis and have been having back pain recently. One thing that has always helped is having a strong core so I want to get back into doing yoga consistently. I like to do it in my room with the lights off and the candles lit. So peaceful and so good for both the mind and the body!

2. Meditate daily. 
I’ve wanted to get into meditation since forever. I’ve downloaded Headspace but just have not gotten into it! I didn’t even start one session yet. My fellow blogger friend and roomie Matt says it takes around 2 weeks for a habit to stick. I just need to push myself to do yoga and meditation consistently for two weeks and then I’ll start getting used to it.

3. Be able to do a pushup.
Okay, so it’s been on my bucket list to do a pull up for legit ten years. Ten years is not even an exaggeration. I’ve wanted to be able to do a pull up for so long!! I can barely do a real push up so…small steps. This month, I want to work on building up my arm strength so that I can do a real push up (lol).


1. Work towards the launch of Mount Lai.
A little side project I’ve been working on with my friend Dave is a jade roller company called Mount Lai. I was frustrated with the lack of high quality jade rollers in the market…everything I bought kept breaking after only a few weeks. We just finalized our prototype last month and I’m beyond pleased with it. Next on the list is figuring out packaging and building out the website.

2. Maintain a content calendar.
I go through periods of time where I’m really good at posting consistently and times when two weeks go by without a post. My main blogging goal for August is to create a solid content calendar and stick to it so I’m posting consistently. My schedule isn’t as flexible now that I work full-time (compared to when I was a college student) so having a content calendar helps me plan out all the photos I need to take on the weekends. I think it also improves the overall quality of my posts because they’re more thought out and planned.

3. Focus on increasing and diversifying blog traffic.
Another one of my goals for blogging is to work on my website traffic. I think it’s good to have diversified streams of traffic just because things change all the time and it’s not good to be too heavily reliant on any one source. The focus this month will be on Pinterest. I’ve heard so many good things about Pinterest for bloggers so I’m going to slowly go through and pin images from all of my posts onto Pinterest. I’m also going to work on posting more consistently on Pinterest and growing my following there (since right now I only have 129 followers…lol.)


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Hi, I'm Stephanie!

I’m a twenty-something 7-figure serial entrepreneur who started my first company at the age of 15. I’m all about sharing ways to live prosperously - building wealth while prioritizing health and happiness. Living my dreams in New York City.

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  1. Ramy Schneider says:

    Seeing your photo makes me want to declutter! Loved reading about your goals.

  2. Susan says:

    Really interested to hear more about this Mount Lai situation! Can’t wait to see… I’ve been super interested in jade rollers so count me in!

  3. Jenn says:

    I think it’s so great to write down goals to keep accountability. I need to get organized – everything is so chaotic and I’m constantly behind!

    I think you’d look amazing with a long bob!

    Jenn │ Beauty by Jelly Bean

  4. Dylan says:

    Amazing, I love your content! This is right up my alley.

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Hi, I'm Stephanie!

I’m a twenty-something 7-figure serial entrepreneur who started my first 

company at the age of 15. I’m all about sharing ways to live prosperously - building wealth while prioritizing health and happiness. Living my dreams in New York City.



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